Fabric processing and fabric washing

Fabric Processing and
Fabric Washing

Preshrink Washing

At Aqua apparel we shrink the cloth before further processing. It is because some clothes shrink after washing because of the spaces left when they are weaved or knitted. Therefore, to save time and effort we preshrink the cloths before further processing. This process is only done after the approval of consumers themselves. We guarantee that the fabric does not shrink later once washed by us and can be washed in cold or hot water whenever you want. It enhances the durability of your clothes, and the consumers stay satisfied with your products.

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Silicon Washing

Silicon washing is the mechanism that makes your fabric soft and plays the role of preshrinking for your clothes. This method is used to make customers fall in love with your fabric and comes to you for repetitive purchases. Silicon washing makes the softness of the clothes last longer and increases their durability. The softness remains intact even after 3 to 4 washes. The purpose of silicon washing is to make it consistent, comfy and soft.

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At Aqua Apparel you can likewise decide to apply Bio Washing with your article of clothing, it is the interaction by which you can add delicate quality, however, additionally try to please the article of clothing. This interaction is exceptionally viable in keeping up with and saving the shade of your specially designed apparel article of clothing at a lot more elevated level for a more drawn-out timeframe. It very well may be an extraordinary option in contrast to numerous different cleansers that are loaded with destructive synthetics, it comprises regular cleanser bubbles, normal shading fixers, normal lighting up specialists and material conditioners. Aqua Apparel prescribes its clients to settle on different washing measures simultaneously also to give it numerous advantages that can be solid for the piece of clothing.

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Enzyme Washing

At Aqua Apparel, you can likewise decide to go for enzyme washing your hand-crafted design article of clothing. This interaction expands the shading quickness and scouring speed and cleans the article of clothing so that your altered dress piece of clothing appeals augments. With us, you can do both corrosive compound wash and Neutral chemical washing, every one of these cycles has its uses for making your dress article of clothing look great. To give your item numerous advantages that can be utilized while selling your article of clothing, Aqua Apparel would prescribe you to choose Enzyme Washing so your image gets a top-notch feel. It likewise further develops against heaping properties of the article of clothing as it assaults more the outer layer of the textures, bringing about a further smooth surface of the texture.

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Acid Washing

At aqua apparel, we offer acid washing that is also known as stone washing. This process is incorporated to remove hard stains that debris. Sometimes acid wash is used to add on your apparel that gives it a different glow and you can further customize it as per your choices. You are the master of your choices and decision. At Aqua Apparel we make sure to offer you all rounding services to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

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Sulphate Dyeing

With us at Aqua Apparel, you can likewise perform uncommon cycles to your piece of clothing and make them considerably more tweaked; we can perform burnout interaction to your articles of clothing, regardless of whether you are requesting lower amounts. Burnout measure is a unique instrument used to redo clothing and make them blurred from one section where maybe the texture segment got scorched, it gives a vintage look, appropriate for lady’s attire, or for whatever other modified piece of clothing that your brain can consider. We attempt to give you however many customization alternatives as could reasonably be expected, to make sure you can give the best item out to your client. Burnout measure will in general diminish string includes in the middle of congruity which brings about an exceptional search for your things.

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Comprehensive Resources for Custom Apparel
Makers USA Offering Elite Items

Lowest MOQ anufacturing and Global Approach

Aqua Apparel stands as the finest custom garment manufacturer service in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Our production house exists in Pakistan and partnering reach extends to China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Aqua Apparels offers the lowest minimum order quantity as low as 50 pieces per design. For the last 3 to 4 years Aqua apparel has been constantly working on improving its quality and technology to offer exclusive services, has been able to add private labelling, printing, and custom embroidery services to the huge number of ventures that initiated their ventures with Aqua Apparel and now working as an independent Brands worldwide.

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Easy and Friendly Work Flow for Creative People

Regardless of who you are, or your size Aqua Apparels work with you to support you with their top-class custom clothes manufacturing services. We assist you in getting your corporate tee with your logos printed along with the finest quality. Aqua Apparel is a known name in the industry because of its top-notch and premium quality custom design clothing services. To get superior services consult our team today and decide the next big step.

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Our Manufacturing Ability

We offer an extended range of product manufacturing such as custom-made tees and shirts, elegant hoodies, custom embroidered Polos, aprons, towels and much more. Our services are defined as exclusive and unique and have the finest product offerings. We ensure 100% originality and creativity in our work by promising customed designs and irreplaceable patterns to your apparel. Our team works altruistically to offer you services that are unmatchable based on your specifications and exigences.

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Customizing Your Apparel

Aqua Apparel working as a custom apparel manufacturer in the USA for a longer period now endeavours to be the first name in the mind of consumers when it comes to customized cloths manufacturing agencies. Besides custom clothing, we have managed to grab a large audience for our printing and embroidery services. We have extended our reach to offer you 12 colour screen printing capabilities and 3d embroidery option to offer variations for your customized clothes.

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Custom Laser Etching (Laser Cutting)

Aqua Apparels has been working on expanding itself to provides consumers with all the up-to-date technological facilities in apparel customization. Custom Laser etching (Laser cutting) is one of the technologies integrated for designing custom hoodies and other customized products.

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Custom Casual Dyeing Option

We offer our manufacturer partners services like custom tie and dye options, custom acid wash clothing and custom dip dye apparel.

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We Source and Knit Custom Fabrics

The fabric we use is either sourced from consumers as per their demands and needs or it can be knitted as per their personalized option. The minimum order quantity for knitted fabric is 200 pc.

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Custom Labelling and Hangtags

Aqua apparel provides its consumers with the freedom to decide their custom labels for the apparel designs. We have a wide the mind of consumers whrange of custom labels such as Custom Heat Posted Labels, Custom Steel Embossed Labels, Custom Woven labels, Tyvek Labels, Satin Labels, and Cotton Fabric Labels that are customers can choose from.

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